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vpnMentor eies av Kape Technologies PLC, som eier følgende produkter: ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, ZenMate, Private Internet Access og Intego, som kan bli anmeldt på dette nettstedet.

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Zenmate VPN vs Easy Hide IP VPN 2022



    Funksjoner 8.1/10
    Prising 8.4/10
    Brukervennlighet 8.2/10
    Pålitelighet og Støtte 8.4/10
    Funksjoner 8.1/10
    Prising 8.6/10
    Brukervennlighet 8.2/10
    Pålitelighet og Støtte 8.2/10


    Author Image Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes

    Anonyme Cybersikkerhet Eksperter


    ZenMate is a simple and user-friendly VPN. It will protect you at home and when using public WiFi. It has an extensive server network, with servers optimized for P2P and streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and Disney+. ZenMate can lure you with its competitive prices, especially for long-term plans. It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to try it out. There is also a business offer...

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    Siste positive brukeranmeldelse
    В России больше не работает.

    Ребята, сервис отличный. Но наш всеми нелюбимый роскомнадзор их заблочили. Деньги пока возвращают, поэ... тому 5ку поставил, никогда не подводили ребята. Но самим разработчикам большая просьба придумать обход этому ненавистному ркн.Mer

    Siste negative brukeranmeldelse
    Мошенники и кидалы

    Мошенники, купил VPN использовал пару месяцев - заблокирован. Исправлять ситуацию не хотят уже прошло ... 2 месяца уже! Средства также не возвращают, еще Немецкий VPN, эти люди нас учат демократии? Кидалы они, никому не советую, безответственная компания . Оплатили сразу за год и потеряли много денег...Mer

    Author Image Kristina Perunicic
    Kristina Perunicic

    Ansvarlig redaktør


    Easy Hide IP started its journey far back in 2009, as a company dedicated to providing online security and Internet encryption for a reasonable price. It can unblock Netflix, and offers specialized servers for streaming. Easy Hide IP is located in London with up to 150 server locations in 26 countries including the United Kingdom, United States, Russia, Netherlands, Australia, Luxembourg and f...

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    Siste positive brukeranmeldelse
    Keith Tanner
    EASY Hide IP

    AVG repeatedly tells me that “anyone can see your IP address”. Should that be possible using Easy Hi... de VPN? I thought that its purpose was to stay completely anonymous.Mer

    Siste negative brukeranmeldelse
    Gary Gordon
    Absolute worst!!!

    I've been paying for their service for a few years now. I never thought that if I had a question or ne... eded support, there would ever be an issue. But low and behold, they are NOWHERE to be found. It's insane! I must have emailed them a dozen times, through their email address and through their support system. I haven't gotten one reply. The service isn't great and I was having some issues in connecting to things while using their VPN, which lead me to reach out to them. So aside from the various issues, I was experiencing, not being able to get a response from them for support was the last straw. All I could think of to do was to let other people know. Since there are other services available to choose from, my recommendation is to stay as far away from Easy Hide IP VPN as you can. There's no reason to go with them. I guess you get what you pay for. While they aren't even the least expensive guys on the block, their product is just so-so, but as I said previously, their support is non-existent. So if you want a VPN service, just pick almost anyone else, unless you don't care how well it works and don't care if you can get help should you have any questions or need any assistance. That's all. I hardly ever take my time to leave a bad review for a company. But .. (haha) in the case of Easy Hide IP, it was worth my time to hopefully prevent anyone else from choosing to pay even a dime to Easy Hide IP. That's all, - GaryMer


    Startpris $1.99/måned
    Pengene-tilbake-garanti (Dager) 30 Dager
    Antall enheter per lisens Ubegrenset enheter
    Startpris $2.77/måned
    Pengene-tilbake-garanti (Dager) 7 Dager
    Antall enheter per lisens 5 enheter


    Author Image Guy Fawkes
    Guy Fawkes

    Anonyme Cybersikkerhet Eksperter

    Final Verdict An affordable VPN with many good features, but limitations, too. It is suitable for torrenting and unblocking many streaming services. It is user-friendly and has a decent network size. On the one hand, ZenMate lacks some privacy and advanced security options, but it has some useful tools, like its kill switch, malware blocker, and tracker protection. ZenMate doesn’t work in China. It is best for Windows users and still needs lots of improvements to reach the top. Gir stabil tilgang til Netflix, Amazon Prime Video og andre populære strømmeplattformer 4,800 servere på 81 lokasjoner Unlimited samtidige enhetstilkoblinger P2P-vennlig Tilbyr en 30-dagers pengene-tilbake-garanti Get started with Zenmate VPN now FAQs on ZenMate Is ZenMate safe? It is safe, but there are safer options available. ZenMate uses the OpenVPN protocol to encrypt and secure your online activity, but it is only available for Windows, Android, and Linux. Other devices must

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