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4.0 / 5.0
Sara Levavi-Eilat
(Cybersikkerhet Researcher)

VPN One Click er muligens ikke en av de meste kjente VPN-ene, men med 52 servere rundt om i verden, tilbyr 1 enheter per lisens, så kan det være at du ønsker å vurdere dem. VPN One Click er rangert 4.0 etter deres priser, som starter på $2.99/måned

Jul 14, 2019
VPN One Click Brukeranmeldelser
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Good for Privacy. Faster & Stronger Connections!

The good thing about VPN One Click is its focus on privacy of users, users do not need to register with email or other personal details to use this VPN. Users can just download the app and start using it. No need to enter email address or anything. Second best thing that I liked about VPN One Click is its faster server connections, I could connect to any of the servers within 2-3 seconds by just tapping on the server name.

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    Stephen Foulkes
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    This is more of a fraud than a VPN service

    I signed up back in 2016 for a week trial. It was not good and I thought no more about it. What I missed then and in the following two years is that I had agreed to $10 a year being taken from my Paypal account. My mistake for not realizing and I spotted it this year and tried to contact the company. They did reply and told me to log in and cancel. That would be easy enough but there is no log in option. It doesn't exist. No username, no password When challenged on this, they have gone quiet. No replies. I have told them I want to cancel, I have told paypal I want to cancel and I will have to wait for my subscription date to see if that happens. So if you want to pay forever join them. If you want a working VPN then go elsewhere. So the service as a VPN is below average but once you sign up, you are hooked and no help from the company. I didn't even want a refund but just to cancel the service and I have been at this every day for the last seven days.

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      Linux support has been removed, don't bother with this VPN supplier

      Sadly, OneClickVpn no longer supports Linux (Debian). This omission is tragic as many of us have moved from windows, manly due to time wasted with system updates and it vulnerability issues. It was a good vpn on my previous linux PC but the Gods at vpnoneclick.com have decided to no longer offer a linux version as download. Thanks, I'll take my business elsewhere.

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        VPN One Click vs. NordVPN vs. ExpressVPN vs. CyberGhost VPN
        Funksjoner Detaljer
        Antall land med servere 41
        Antall servere 52
        Fører VPN-en logger? Nei
        Inkluderer VPN-en en nødstopp (kill switch)? Nei
        Antall enheter per lisens 1
        Prising 4.0 / 5.0
        iPhone & iPad
        $2.99 /måned
        Android & Tablets
        $2.99 /måned
        Windows and Mac
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        Sara Levavi-Eilat
        (Cybersikkerhet Researcher)

        Anmeldelsen for denne underkategorien av VPN-er er ikke tilgjengelig enda for denne VPN Leverandøren. Hvis du føler at de leverer en god løsning, vennligst legg til din anmeldelse som en bruker, så skal vi følge det opp med en detaljert ekspertanmeldelse

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        Antall enheter per lisens: 1
        VPN-abonnement: www.vpnoneclick.com
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